Even great relationships can get better!

Arie and Lauren  started using Takes Two while they were waiting for their season of The Bachelor to air.  It was a great way to truly understand each other and the realities of a relationship away from the cameras.

Takes Two is a fun and fast way to learn about each other and get custom tips to work better together. You'll learn what to let go of, and what to hold on to.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham found love in front of the world on the television show The Bachelor. Now they're using their Takes Two custom relationship guide to build a lasting relationship based on natural strengths.

Arie and Lauren decided to learn everything they could about each other — including their natural instincts.

Early in their relationship, Arie remembered that Takes Two was there to help couples better understand how each partner naturally gets things done, so he and Lauren decided to get their custom relationship report. 

With their custom report, they understand why Arie needs things to be tidy and finished around the house, while Lauren needs variety and adventure when they travel.

By understanding how the other person tackles the annoying things like chores and money, Arie and Lauren can focus on enjoying each other and having a deeper relationship!

Customized Advice for Couples

More than 1 million people have benefited from the report powering Takes Two. 

Start by answering a series of questions, then you'll get a report tailored specifically to your relationship.


Your words and actions are speaking — loudly. Takes Two helps you understand one another's styles for taking action and helps you communicate in ways that work.

Household Chores

Whether we like it or not, we all need to get stuff done around the house. Sometimes one of the best things about knowing the way you naturally take action is that you can make annoying stuff (like chores) less annoying.


When partners handle their finances in different ways, they can stress their relationship, and that can lead to a breakup. Takes Two gives you tips for working together on your finances and eliminates one of the biggest problems for couples.

Tackle The Top Sources of 

Relationship Stress & Divorce

Takes Two is customized advice for couples. You'll learn:

  • How to trust your instincts, instead of trying to fix each other
  • How to avoid stress over simple things like vacations and chores
  • Practical tips for defusing conflict before it blows up a relationship 


Your relationship is unique, so we won't give you cookie-cutter advice. Your customized relationship guide is based on a 36-question assessment that identifies instinctive strengths you may not even be aware of, but will be apparent as you experience the report.


Takes Two is unique because it is based on the strengths each of you bring to the relationship. You won't get a list of faults to fix, or a letter-grade for your relationship. But you will get practical advice for even the strongest, healthiest relationships.


Takes Two will lead to closer, more fulfilling relationships. We know you'll get valuable insight into your relationship because it is backed by the Kolbe Concept and a 40-year track record of success in behavioral theory and assessments.

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Thriving relationships require learning, growth, and investment.